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These numbers are calculated based on the assumption detailed in the nutrient removal matrix Click here. Provided as a guide only.


Welcome to Maxiyield

Welcome to Rural Liquid Fertilisers (RLF) and Maxiyield.

The information that this webpage contains will transform the way in which you view your cropping or growing enterprise. Maxiyield can give you all the information that you need to transition to a 'modern-farming future'. A future that assures improved quality and increased yield for your crops, and greater financial rewards for your business.

About Maxiyield

Maxiyield is a calculation tool and interactive resource that enables you to define, (and refine), your fertiliser needs very carefully and very specifically to suit your own cropping environment and crop choices.

It is a tool for all phases and stages of your business...

About Integrated Fertiliser Management

IFM is the term used to describe the process in which nutrient levels in seed, soil and leaf are balanced and managed throughout the entire growth cycle of the crop to improve overall performance – not only for today, but for the future as well...

Principles of Integrated Fertiliser Management

Compare the OLD practice with the NEW practice of IFM.

The following graphic shows how this process works.

What this so graphically demonstrates is that :

• OLD practice will generally see 100% of the fertiliser budget used as NPK

• OLD practice typically sees no foliar applications, unless remediation of any known nutrient deficiency is required...


IFM is a powerful tool for the modern-day farmer who wants to improve not only his crop's potential today, but who wants to protect his land's potential for the future.

Based totally on the physiology of the plant, there are numerous benefits to utilising Maxiyield through the benefits of IFM...

Benefits of Integrated Fertiliser Management

Crop quality and yield is becoming increasingly more important for markets all over the world. As the world population grows, and the viability of some agricultural lands decreases with overuse or over-management, modern-day farming strategies such as IFM are relied upon to deliver more positive and measurable outcomes.

The eight key benefits delivered by IFM are :

1. Safe transfer of nutrients

2. Increases yield regardless of fertiliser rate

3. Effective in all soils

4. Fixes nutrient variability in seed lots

5. Greater root mass

6. Early vigour and stronger plant growth

7. Higher yield and quality value

8. Good business for the farmer

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